Impossible to remove the support from piece

Hello everyone,
I have some printing problem with my M300 Dual.
I’m not able to find where to set up the gap from support layer and piece layer, I’m having serious problem to detach the support layer from the piece, because they are melted together in a way that I’m unable to separate.
The pieces are printed with external PLA

Please find attached the project file and the stl

50PAR00047 .zprojx (1.2 MB)

here is the STL file
50PAR00047 .stl (121.4 KB)

Hi, you can find the settings at the bottom of the parameters

The link to the page where all the settings are explained

Hi Lucio,
thanks for your answer, I will try as you suggested, but the problem I have is not only with the raft but also with support pillars.
I will try to load a picture of the next print.

Thanks again for your suggestions

Here it is my last printing of a 3D printer test, as you can see the raft is impossible to remove from the printed piece, it happen the same also with the support

I see…
Could be that the raft don’t stick to the plate so wen you make the first layer the distance is less than the one you setted.
To be sure, I would clean the plate (unscrew, clean everything and apply ABS juice) and calibrate (twice to be sure that it is planar).
After that I would decrease the FlowRatio of the Raft to obtain a thinner layer (could be that there is too much material on the raft so the model melt to it).
You can also increase the gap between raft and first layer but try to change one parameter at a time to see which one give better solution.

Thanks Lucio for your suggestion.
I will give a try and I’ll keep you updated, thanks.

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