Impressions mess up


Good morning all,

I will try to make myself understood at best, my english is not the best

I think the photos speak for themselves … Impossible to understand what happens during the prints. At the beginning, everything is going well and over time, the raft, support and base of the 3D model prints well and suddenly, everything shifts and it becomes anarchy! Without counting the traces of burns … I print in HIPS at 240 degrees, I do not particularly touch the parameters proposed in Z-SUITE

I did the calibration, cleaning, etc. several times … I don’t understand what’s going on! Looks like impressions that last more than 1 day do all of this

ideas ? it becomes critical, especially if it burns




The layers are definitely shifted. Please, refer to our troubleshooting manual. Perform the axes maintenance, lubricate the axes, check the belts’ tension etc. The maintenance is crucial in such cases. Once the model shifted - the hotend was not able to put the material layers properly. This is why the hotend is covered with material residues.

After checking the steps suggested in the manual - run a test print.

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