Improve building speed-suggestion to Zortrax

Hello all, I recently got my printer and I like it. I am used to multijet printers, and of course, they are faster than the FDM as Zortrax uses only one nozzle to deposit the material.

When watching the Zortrax during building of a hollow cylinder, I noticed that the nozzle moves slowly (to get accuracy) around the external and internal circumferences (the visible surfaces) and builds up a "ring" or "rim" to the set layer height. Then the machine fills the cavity between the two rims with infill material at a faster pace. If you set the layer thickness to 0.09mm, then the infill thickness will be the same height as well. 

In order to speed things up I suggest that first you build, say, 4 layers at 0.09mm to make the visible surface or rim (number of layers etc. are of course depending on geometry etc.). Then the software takes the machine out of the 0.09mm surface layer mode, and fills the cavity with one layer of 4x0.09mm=0.36mm infill material. The advantage is obvious, you save a lot of toolpath movement, and it could be implemented in the software.

What sayeth thou?

Best regards

John Tangerås

Hi and welcome to forum. This has been requested a few times before but only Zortax knows if it will happen. So we have to wait for Zoonday and see i guess.

If implemented it should also have an off switch for parts that need better layer adhesion.

Are are we going with Zoonday now? I still say it sounds like we’re going to the zoo. :stuck_out_tongue:

I gotta say, Sometimes when I visit here i think I am at the Zoo.

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I thought we decided to keep Soonday :smiley:

Yep, I’m sticking with soonday.