Improve remote access to M200Plus



we’re using a brandnew M200Plus for prototyping next to 5 other M200 and M300 printers.

I like the remote access feature of M200P a lot, but it has its flaws. I suggest these enhancements:

  1. Let me see in Z-Suite what’s on the printer display
  2. Let me start new printer actions from Z-Suite when I’m sure the built plate is empty. Right now I can’t start printing if I forgot to exit the “repeat print or cancel”- dialogue after removing the previous parts from the printer. Same goes for loading / unloading material.
  3. If 2 isn’t possible: Let me know why I can’t interact with the printer. Right now, it displays a short message like “Printer is not available” for a split second, then the message is gone. I regularly have to walk to the workshop just for one click on the M200P touchscreen.
  4. The network connection between Z-Suite and the printer is quite unstable. I often need to refresh the connection to gain access again.

Any of the obove mentioned would be a great improvement for us!

Best regards


Hi Simon,

Thank you for your feedback, we do appreciate your suggestions. I will pass them to our specialists.

Best regards,