Improvement requests for new model library & model docs

I've just started using the new model library and it looks like a nice feature.  I've been waiting for the Zortrax robotic arm model so these suggestions are based on what I've seen so far while working with that.

1. The individual parts seem to be named with sequential numbers and no descriptive text; e,g. the file name is 2084 for the Support part.  Could these files be named with their text descriptors instead?. 

2. Are the parts intended to be printed with the orientation that are imported with?  If not, maybe they could be saved in the print orientation.

3. It would be nice if the manual had suggestions for print parameters, such as material, layer thickness, support, etc.

4. Suggested part colors would be nice as well

5. Is there a way to specify the file folder location for the library in Windows?  It defaults to My Documents | Zortrax | Library | Model Number and I'd like to use a different folder.

Thanks for feedback Michael, we will consider these points and see what we can do.

Thanks Nizzy.  For me, the print orientation and suggested print parameters are most important.  Can you tell me if the default orientations of the parts as they are loaded into Z-Suite are correct?

A small suggestion. Would be nice if Z-Suite could remember the user login or, at least, allows to paste the password.

I don't know what happened but after I updated the user profile in Z-Suite 1.2.1 Windows version it remembers in Z-Suite 1.2.0 Mac. Doesn't makes sense but this post could be deleted now (if I know how...).