Improvements to extruder setting steps

I've made some improvements to the extruder feeding mechanism, but unfortunately I cannot use them because it's not possible to set in software the steps/mm.

Can you please allow this setting? It will create many opportunities to the printer as there is an entire open market for extruder improvements. Thanks.

can you tell us something about your improvements?

This would need a firmware change  just to support a 3rd party extruder setup. Even given the latest developments regarding external material support I would say this is not gonna happen.

Anyway, are you sure you couldn't reach the same adjustment by an extrusion multiplier? If so, this is already possible with Z-Suite: "extruder flow ratio" in advanced settings for external materials.

Letting aside that there are other options of course (*cough*).

I changed the feeder mechanism. Still work in progress, but this is blocking.

deadbeef, do you know the current stepper parameters? Because even with flow control I have to make some calculations :)

Nah, I have no idea. Anyway, are you sure you need the stepper parameters?

I mean, whatever you did to the feeder mechanism should affect the extrusion speed by a certain ratio and I find it hard to believe this couldn’t be compensated with an extrusion multiplier if you just knew this ratio.

And I would think you'd need to calculated that ratio based on the geometric properties of your new mechanism compared to the existing one.