Individual speed settings and speed in mm/s


In the settings when using non-zortrax materials, the print speed can be set between -50 and 50 percent.

  1. Show average speeds in mm/s.
    It would help to know what the base or average speeds in Z-Suite are for a given percentage and material.
    I know from asking support that Z-PLA averages 20 mm/s with contours and 50 mm/s with infill, so the speeds are known by Zortrax.

  2. Individual speed settings.
    For non-zortrax materials it would help to have individual speed controls in mm/s, I have noticed that even with +50% speed the extruder seems to be moving rather slowly.
    An example of individual speed settings is in Raise3D’s IdeaMaker slicer software:


This would be useful as some material manufacturers give ideal setting for their material in mm/s.

Also if it would let us change the brim print speed, which is currently too fast and causes trouble wit adhesion.