[INFO] Sleep mode power saving

Not sure if others were wondering or not, but I was curious to see if the sleep mode really saved power or not.....checked. 

While idling, (not in sleep mode), the m200 I tested (v4 1.0.2fw) draws about 200 watts until the bed heats (250 if also heating extruder), and then drops to 80 watts from then on.

In sleep mode, power drops to 11 watts.

So I think in most cases, it is definitely worth having sleep mode enabled most of the time.....

But if the m200 is expected to be sitting for a while, it's worth not relying on sleep mode and instead turning it completely off (m200 sitting in sleep mode for 1 week is the same as leaving an old 75W light bulb on for a day..... a full year is almost 2 months of leaving a 75w light bulb on).

That right there is some zesty information!

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