Inkspire Failed prints


I have a 100 hours Inkspire that started to fail like this, apparently random circular holes all over the prints, changed place in the build plate a couple times still having those

Any ideas of the reason for this? Clean FEP, LCD and Tank, brand new resin

I’ve seen a similar case from another user and his guess was broken LCD still not confirmed by staff, any help would be much appreciated


Hi, @Serchenol.

Do these holes appear in the same spots of the build plate?
Could you send me the files that had such holes visible?

Also, please check the LCD screen with Lamp test -> Black. We’ll see whether it’s not caused by screen issue.

Hi Marta, thanks for the answer, yes they do appear at the same spot, this is the result of the lamp test

Hi! Thank you for the picture. It seems that the LCD needs to be replaced. We will provide you with more information via e-mail.