[INKSPIRE] Firmware 20025 released


We’ve just released new firmware for Zortrax Inkspire 3D printer. See full changelog below:

  • Adds Zortrax Raydent Surgical Guide and Zortrax Raydent Crown&Bridge to the list of supported resins,
  • Introduces a new tool Exposure Time Calibration which helps to calibrate exposure time values for third-party resins,
  • Adds a new notification suggesting that the resin tank should be removed from the printer during firmware update installation,
  • Fixes an issue where the error #6 would occasionally appear during fan test,
  • Fixes an issue where a pause set in Z-SUITE would not work,
  • Fixes minor bugs,
  • Adds support for files generated in ChiTuBox and PrusaSlicer.

As always, you can update your firmware via Wi-Fi/Ethernet or via USB stick (download here).

In case of any questions feel free to ask.


According to your release notes, the new firmware supports PrusaSlicer. I have updated my Inkspire yesterday to this new firmware, but I haven’t had any luck with printing files sliced in PrusaSlicer. I followed the setup instructions outlined in your support manual to setup the profile in PrusaSlicer. After slicing, the printer recognizes the file and tries to start printing. It lowers the platform into the resin, but then it stays there. The time is counting down, but after a couple of minutes jumps back up, starting to tick down again. Do you have any idea what might be causing that? I am using the original USB flash drive that shipped with the printer.

On a similar note, do you have any information as to the resin settings, so that i may configure my Zortrax resins in PrusaSlicer?


Hi, @fmorgner.

Could you send me the file that causes the problem? We will check it.

As for Zortrax Resins settings, all parameters are available in Z-SUITE (advanced options) when you choose particular type of resin and layer thickness.


Hi, @Marta

Thanks for the reply! I am unable to attach a file here (presumably because I am too new to the forum). Is there any other way I could send you the file? I am new to this kind of forums, so please excuse me I am missing some obvious way.

Thanks for the information regarding the resins! I should have figured that one out on my own… :slight_smile:


I’ve sent you a PM :slight_smile:



I have exactly the same problem. Did one solution have been found ?


Hi @christophe_inkspire!

What’s the problem? The initial layers normally are being cured four couple of minutes in order to assure proper adhesion to the platform.

Please pass me the file, so I can check it on my side.

Kind regards