Inkspire Print Defects


I printed 3 times a piece and it didn’t work.

The first one was printed with the grey basic anycubic resin. I chose orientation in the way to not have red on the piece;

But it didn’t work. The layers are visible, some parts are missing and the piece isn’t flat.

So after that I changed the FEP film and the resin. I printed the other objects with the black pro Zortrax resin.

For the second print I didn’t change the orientation but there are visible layers,cracks and the piece isn’t flat.
I decreased the temperature of the room for the third print and the orientation of the piece.

This time the piece came loose from the support and the piece isn’t flat.

What I should change to print properly my object?

Have a nice day!!

Hi, @JulietteFCAH.

Please, try to upload the pictures once again, as we cannot see them.