Inkspire printing speed

Any tips to achieve printing speed from description? 20-36mm/h was one of reasons why I’ve brought Inkspire, but so far I’ve managed speed close to 15mm/h at 50um and 9mm/h at 25um, Is there a max speed allowed for z lift movement and how does it relate to equipment life, especially FEP and LCD. Thank you.

Hi, @BlueBoxGoblin.

You can switch to 0,1 mm layer, which will reduce printing time. However, printing time depends on the resin that you’re using. We’ve adjusted Zortrax Resins settings for best printing quality, but there are third party resins that may need Lower Layer Exposure time and Exposure Off Time.

As for the maximum Platform Lift Speed allowed, 100 mm/m is the safest value for both LCD and FEP film components. Slight changes shouldn’t cause any harm, however, keep in mind that when platform is lifting it causes suction forces that can damage printed object and FEP film when Platform Lift Speed is too high.

Hi Marta,

Thank you for your replay.
However it doesn’t answer my question. Decreasing resolution is not an option in this case. Speeds from description, 20-36mm/h, are not linked with particular resolution, so ,from what I gather, 20mm/h should be achieved at 25um and 36mm/h at 100um.
I do understand reducing exposure, exposure off time and increasing speeds are way to go, but if safe speed is 100mm/m than how is it possible to print as quick as in description?