Inkspire tips for removing prints from bed

Hello community,

I would like some tips on print settings and removal techniques to help prevent destruction of prints when removal.

I am trying to print potentiometer knobs, the piece itself requires a perfectly flat bottom edge so printing needs to be directly onto the platform without the use of supports suspending the item.

My trouble is 60%+ of the items im printing break when trying to remove from the platform.

I am using an external material which guidelines state 4-8 sec layers.

I have tried:

  • using same settings as Zortrax materials in regards of first layer exposure times, 60sec for first 3 layers.
  • increased exposure times of base layers at 120sec.
  • placing the platform under a UV light before removal of the items.

What ever I do, I still have the same problem in which part of the item breaks of from its body and remains on the platform during removal.

Should I be adding more base layers? Should I be using increased exposure times on layers?

Any guidance in helping reduce the amount of failures will be appreciated. Thank you.

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Hey there!
You can post some pictures of your model, that will be helpful in understanding which part of the knob breaks.
Have you tried to gently remove the prints with cutting knife? Rotating the model by 180° can also help, but I’d like to see the model first.

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My suggestions: If your bed adhesion is too strong, you could reduce your base layers and exposure times. After the print completes, remove the build plate and flood it with the recommended solvent for your resin. This may be IPA, ethanol or something else, if you have the Zortrax sonicator and your parts are small, put the entire build plate with the parts on inside and try running it in 1 minute increments and check if the parts will release. I use a brass putty knife and a sharp hit to cut parts off the plate. I would try also chamfering the bottom layer of your model to prevent it enlarging during the base layer exposure. If none of these work, my next idea would be to buy a second build plate and smooth the surface slightly using a lapping technique to reduce the adhesion.


Thank you for replies! Attached is a photo of print as requested.

I will certainly try your surgestions in regards to base layers and exposure times. I was unsure if making the print harder would prevent breaking or if this would just cause more adhesion as you mentioned.

I just printed using Zortrax Pro settings 6 base layers at 180 seconds, and 12 sec exposure layers. This caused the worst fail rate yet, in which all knobs snapped. I do have a ultrasonic cleaner but this wasnt helping with removal. I do already chamfer the base edges slightly to avoid sanding that slight larging of the base layer.

I really like your idea of lapping back the build plate so I will definately be carrying this out. Thanks.

I am now testing reduced exposure times and 1 base layer.