Intent of XY Space option

I just wonder what the intention of this option is , values for ABS are
0,53mm for 0.09, 0.14, 0.19 and 0.39mm
0,58mm for 0.29mm (why this is different?)

is the distance of the model from support ? is this the value I have to increase when I have troubles removing support from model ?

I entered 10mm to see how it works, but in the preview I don’t see any difference


Hi Roby,

XY GAP allows you to set a gap between the block of support and the model in the XY plane. This will make it easier for you to remove supports from the model once the printing process is finished:

I believe you would like to set the distance in the Z axis - however, this is impossible.

If you are having difficulties with removing both support structures and raft from the model - this could suggest the print is overheated, or the lower fan is not working. When was the last time you replaced any consumable parts (such as the hotend and heater&thermocouple)? Also, I would recommend running autocalibration prior to the next print.

Best regards

Thank for explanation, it is clear now.

I don’t have problems removing parts from support on most of my prints, when they have a completely flat surface in the bottom.
I have problems when they are not flat, like the ones pictured

I have thousands hours in my printer parts, you will tell me to change everything :smiley:
But everything I print comes out pretty good and the printer still runs without big problems

Hi Roby,

maintenance work should be regular in order to keep the printer in good condition and achieve high quality prints every time, hence it is highly recommended to have consumable parts at hand and replace them regularly - you will find the guides on the Support Center.

The models look as if there were overheated - it might be high time you replaced the hotend and heater&thermocouple (350/400 printing hours). Also, run the fan test to ensure the extruder fan coolers are operational.

Best regards

why there is no z gap setting?
Our printer is pretty useless after upadate tu Z-Suite.
Support material always meltet into model no way from getting it off.
Surface also looks worse than before.
Don´t know it´s because Software or Firmware.
Played with settings but without fixing the problem of support material.

It should be. Im currently attempting to print PLA and the issue I find with the supports can’t seem to be corrected with spacing or XY GAP. The upper part of the support tends to grab itself to the undercut of the model, it has to be scraped off, and does not come apart easily; support top also shows signs of pillowing. Rest of the model looks good, so the issue is the support structure.