Interesting epoxy coating for 3D prints from smooth-on

here I am ... I have received the material and I did a test on a pendant ... printed with black ABS and then treated ... here are the images after printing, after application of the resin and after brushing final .. . I forgot bronze effect! I like it and you ?? :)

After print

After treated

After brushing

Before I saw this I read a post on the ultimaker forum on a review on the XTC-3D stating that the results were about as comparable to a acetone bath as you lose your edges and a lot of detail. Seeing this photo I have to agree you lose all your sharp edges and although you do have a smooth surface you can achieve that with a coat or two of automotive spray filler or my technique of spraying Mr surface 500 through airbrush. For the price and the same results as a vapor bath I preferably would pass on this stuff unless you were using PLA

This forum is very informative for users, thanks for sharing!!