Interesting epoxy coating for 3D prints from smooth-on

Just jumped this on my face on FB:

It is an epoxy coating designed for 3D printing materials, PLA, ABS, Nylon. It promises to remove by covering them all the ugly lines from your 3D prints... who knows.

I have mentioned it before, but I think you can get a better finish with sand/ seal primer and sand paper on the zortrax prints.  It may be useful for less refined prints from makerbot printers etc but judging from the smooth-on video, it looks like more work than the way I finish models.


I also usually sand my prints and then prime and sand again to finish it, but often you need to reprime and sand 2-3 times until the lines are covered and it takes it's time. I think that such an epoxy compound leaves a thicker layer then what you could do with primer leaving the sanding to a just one time job.,It might also help parts made with brittle materials like PLA to become more strong. Not the case of M200 but an idea anyway.

I think it will work except where you have details which it will tend impact. If there are no details I’m sure it will work.


I got a kit but haven't tried it yet.


great, I would be very interested to hear how it worked!

Please let us know☺

I’m trying with Easyflo, a bicomponent polyurethane casting resin.

Also with Performix- Plastidip (kind of), that sprayable rubber coating used over cars. They have also chrome like, not my cup of tea but could have a use.

i buy it… I"m waiting for test!!

So far not too impressed with XTC3D - based on the photos I thought it would fill all the lines in one coat but it looks more like 30 seconds in hot acetone vapor - shiny, but layers still clearly visible. Will check tomorrow when dry.

Did you paint it?

Nice that you already had it to try Julia. If more passes are needed to cover the lines I clearly see no advantage in using this product instead of a generic primer.

Here's a test, done by my technician. He applied it using the included foam brush, maybe it would have been better with a real brush. Some areas are thickly covered, hiding the layer lines, but others are not.

I think this print was not done on Zortrax and was not highly optimized, just something laying around.

I think something has to do with application, and some other considerations not stated clearly on the videos or instructions on the packaege if so. Have been wondering if ordering would be an option but  maybe not.. Results don't look promising.

Not a great result Julia, and thanks for testing. I'm lucky that I usually don't print organic models.... I find that for my mechanical and architectural models the old and fashioned sanding paper and priming still does a pretty nice job in removing the lines and have a perfectly plain finish, but I though that this product might worth a mention. Doesen't look so great as advertised though.

I have ordered with metal powders to see the final result …

here I am … I have received the material and I did a test on a pendant … printed with black ABS and then treated … here are the images after printing, after application of the resin and after brushing final … . I forgot bronze effect! I like it and you ?? :slight_smile:

After print

After treated

After brushing

Looks really good. How long you wait to start treatment?

after application of the resin I put it in front of a heater for the bath and in 20 minutes was dry

Nice, Paulo! This is a Smooth-On product?

Yes Julia… :slight_smile: