Intermittent Error Code 8



I have recently had an error code 8 on one of our M200 plus printers. As it was a code we have had before I followed the steps in the troubleshooter, went through all of the steps, and turned the printer on and it seemed to go away and I thought it was fixed. I put the bottom cover back on, turned it up the right way and went to print again and got the same error 8. This process repeated a number of times, it would start up fine when the bottom cover is off but triggers the error when the cover is on. I have pulled the cables in the troubleshooter off and checked the connectivity through each strand on the ribbon cable using a multimeter and it seems fine.

My thinking is that it is not the board that is the issue, but rather it is one of the cables. The slight amount of pressure being put on the cables when the bottom plate is in place is enough to loosen the connector or expose the break in the ribbon cable, but I am not sure if I am correct in my thinking.

If the problem is likely to be the cables to the motherboard rather than the motherboard it self where can these be purchased from as i cannot see them on the zortrax store


Hi Shane,

I believe you are plugging in the bottom fan before installing the bottom cover back, right? Please, try to put on the cover but without connecting the bottom fan to the motherboard. Will the #8 error occur anyway? If yes - please, take some pictures of the cables (check if their insulation is not broken) and send them to us via support form.

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Thanks Karolina I will have a go at that when I am back at work tomorrow