International store ?

I lived in France. Previously when I ordered Z-ABS I placed my order on the international store ($19 => 14€).

Since the update of the site, Zortrax steers me automatically on the euro prices (27€ => $36).

So the same product costs almost twice the price.

May I buy again to the initial price, or not ??

If your shipping/company address is different than France (outside Europe) you can change your location and buy in international store. If your shipping/company address is in France you can't buy place order on international store.

When I  try to buy filament on your site, even after entering my serial number, it still shows the normal retail price, instead of the owner price, anyway.... pfffffff......

Same here.. I think they need to fix a few things.. :huh:

pilou I'm tired to read your spam-post, you look like a rebellious child.

It seems to me that you think that adding new features to the software is a work on few hours - but it is not, some options require written hundreds or thousands of lines of code that requires it sometimes months of work. As of today, I think the print quality is one of the top and other printer don't guarantee you a compare quality of prints. I'd love to see prints from your Makerbot.

Take a look at the updates that we do, and show me another such company that practically up to date corrects errors and adds new options.

Regarding the price of the material, even on a EU store, we have one of the high quality cheapest material in the world. Show me another store which have a less price of material. The reason that's why the price has changed I explained many times but you don't want understand this. 

You should note that there is a new website, and if you found any problems just write email to us and we'll fix it.

I delete all your off topic post, and I don't want see again off topic post, If you have a personall problem to me or Zortrax or whatever send email.

BTW: You can go back on your forum and hate, as long as you have the power - but just think whether this is a good way.

+1 Rafal, as I wrote in my previous post something about that when I came here I saw a haters group, but pilou answered on my post very aggressively "you're not the first customers so don't write nothing bla bla bla" personally I don't understand this guy.

Funny is that he really owe Zortrax fans forum, I wish for Zortrax to not have this kind of fans. No offense to @Pilou but my first printer was UP! and that time I also dreamed that any makerbot or reprap (due of so many options to choose) can print and works 10x better than up, but gravity bring me down after I tested other printers. I see on this forum the most complaints coming from peoples which have experience only with Zortrax and nothing as comparison.

Reading your post, it doesn’t feel you are a CEO, it feels like you are the child. :wink:

What I’m asking is that you don’t advertise features that don’t exist. Because this is not professional to let people buy something that is not true.

Why don’t you simply mention “coming soon” or “under study” on the features that are not implemented.

Just to be clear : I don’t “hate” zortrax or you, my dear. You put too much feeling in that, bro. Remember I was one of your biggest fans.

Much love

Zortrax, thank you for this precise answer.

The answer to my initial question is thus: yes, from now on I should pay the twice price.

I agree to say that Zortrax M200 is a very good ABS printer.

It does not still answer the specifications according to which is was sold, but I am persuaded that the best is to come.

The confidence helps to maintain the patience.

However, there is a problem today : I bought your M200 for its qualities to ABS printing but also for the cost of its printing material.

7 months later you tell me that I have to pay the double to continue to use it.

Why to refuse the international price rate to the European users?

Best Regards

Just now EU customers can order only from

It is due of Polish/EU taxation system, for orders from EU we have to selling goods only from EU.

We are not startup anymore and we have to keep accounting and cash flow clear.

Best Regards

We are working on problem with Z-ABS special price.