interrupted raft

Need your advise! 

I noticed that sometimes - I can not understand when and on what it depends - the first layer (RAFT) is not exactly homogeneous!

What I mean!

When the first layer (RAFT) is printed, thick thick contour lines are first printed, then a grid of fine lines.

So these thin lines are sometimes interrupted!

This is normal? Especially often they are not uniform on the material ULTRAT

What determines the uniformity of these lines?

Or is it okay if they are interrupted?

Thank you in advance for your reply!

Hi Kasilov.

I assume the perforated plate is too close to the nozzle which results in failed first layer. Please post some photos of the raft. I need them to be sure about the diagnosis.

What calibration values have you received lately?

Good afternoon.

Big thanks for the answer.

Below is a photo of the first - the second and third layers.

I did a new calibration!

But after that I printed on the material ABS

On it, this effect is not observed! The effect is pronounced on the material ULTRAT 

The question is how often do you need to calibrate?
Is it normal to do a calibration before each print?
The readings after the calibration were 0.0 and 0.1

Wow! How insert photo here :-))))

Wow! How insert photo here :-))))


Same effect with HIPS 

Only ABS ok! 

Any idea?

To be honest I don't see major flaws on the print except several tiny spots where the problem with extrusion is present. I can tell that the perforated plate is quite new, rarely used. I suspect the print detaches a bit of the platform and the nozzle hits the already built layer. Have you ever tried some kind of adhessive onto the plate? Z-ABS juice for instance.

Anyway, in order to find a solution to your problem, I recommend to print the same part on a different spot of the platform (preferably the one which has a negative calibration value). This way we can find out if levelling has anything to do with it or it's just the case of lack of proper adhesion.

I also see some stringing. Please set the speed of fan to a higher value - 80% or 100%.

I'm looking forward to your findings.