Invalid serial number



I receive an error when I try to put my S/N in my forum profilr. It says it is invalid, but I tripple checked it and I am nearly 100% it is good ;). What could be the reason ?




Did you try capital letters? Just shoot an email to support.



Thank you Andre for the answer. Yes, I used capital letters. What is weird is if I cut & paste the S/N, I am able to download Z-Suite, but if I paste it again in my forum profile settings, it just says me it is bad when I save it.

My problem is not the fact I can't fill this field, I just want to know if there is an issue somewhere with my S/N. 

I was a bit reluctant to send an email for that (I mean, it is not really an issue with the printer) but you are right, I'll do it.



sometimes the serial numbers aren`t working, i also had problems with mine and several other users, so send an mail to support...


Thank you all for reporting the issue. We will take a closer look at it.



Thanks to support team, I now appear in green :slight_smile:

Many thanks !