[INVENTURE] Firmware 1.4.0 released



We’ve just released new firmware 1.4.0 for Zortrax Inventure. Here is the full changelog:

  • It is now possible to load materials both from the cartridge and from the spool (.stl files for special spoolholders are available at: Zortrax Library),
  • The single-extrusion mode is now available,
  • Both the single- and dual-extrusion modes allow you to use external materials,
  • A new option: Ignore material endstops is available in the Settings menu.

You will find the firmware here.

Please, let us know what do you think about it :slight_smile:


:o OMG , thanks zortrax :slight_smile:


Very happy to see the Inventure getting some love!!!


We are happy that you are happy! :smiley: