Inventure giving error #152 to load cartridge with Z Nylonn


My Inventure is giving error message #152 cartridge not loaded when I have sliced in Z Nylon and loaded Z Nylon I am running the latest Firmware 1.5.1
Please Help!


Hi @Airboy_131,

Please, disable the material endstop off (menu -> settings), then try to load the material again. If this does not work - unload the material, revert to previous firmware version (1.4.0), make sure the material endstop is disabled and load the filament again.

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How do you revert to previous firmware version?
When 1.5 is installed, software keeps that as default and rejects older versions right away. What to do?



Copy the update file to the SD card and restart the printer - the device should detect and downgrade the firmware.

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