Inventure info

Hi all,

I've heard about the magical reliability and accuracy of the m200 but I'm holding off for the Inventure - but every time I check for news there's nothing!

The last time I read anything, Zortrax were having problems with creating enough of the support material in the factory...but that was months ago! 

Anyone know of a rough ETA/release date? Anything?

It would be good to get some more info, especially considering it is being shown working at trade events.


What draws you to the Inventure?

I'm not sure how much we are allowed to discuss here, but it's evidently been an enormous ballache for Zortrax. 

It's the soluble support material - having to design with support removal in mind and then actually removing it (without snapping off thin pieces) is a huge time waster for me.

The Ultimaker 3 is big competition for the Inventure as they've introduced dual extrusion and soluble materials..I'd still like to get the Inventure because of the m200's reputation for reliable dimensional accuracy but I can't wait forever!

If there isn't a rough ETA for release, even a date for any kind of announcement would be nice. The ongoing, unknown wait is very concerning but I don't want to go and get an Ultimaker 3 and then a release date suddenly comes out!


Titanium - I could not agree more - it really would be nice to get an update. The last update is from almost a year ago and it states that the earliest printers would ship end of April 2016. This is nearly a year ago and as much as I love Zortrax - it is unprofessional for them not to post an update. I completely respect that they want to make sure that the product is up to their standards before they release but there is no reason to go completely dark on the communication like they have done.

Someone - anyone - can you shed some light on this matter? We only ask because we love your brand and want to buy your product.

PS _ I have an Ultimaker 3 Extended and I am completely disappointed. Wish I had not bought it.

PS _ I have an Ultimaker 3 Extended and I am completely disappointed. Wish I had not bought it.

Just curious, for what reasons?

If you don't want to explain this here, did you already complain about it in an UM forum (link) ?

Inventure part from Nov 16 show.  Grey part printed as single part, not bad.