Inventure-M300 Dual, Z-Suite differences


Hello everybody.

Why is there an inexplicable difference in the materials available on Z-Suite between Inventure and M300 dual? The printers have the same head, same hotend module. The inventure is “technically better” by having the hot runner available. Yet it has more Zortrax materials and exterior profiles than the inventure. Why can’t inventure print Nylon with Soluble Support? Or the Z-ABS.
We hope that in the next update there will be an update that brings Inventure to the same level as the M300Dual. The situation is also the same for single extruder printing.

In the screenshot, the first two are external materials, the next two are internal materials.


Hi @Luca_Perry,

Z-SUPPORT ATP is not available for Zortrax Inventure as it might break inside the material guide (because of the material’s properties). This is why Z-ABS and Z-Nylon are available for dual-extrusion mode on M300 Dual with Z-SUPPORT ATP only.

Our specialists have been thoroughly testing both model and support materials - thus, some materials (such as Z-ABS and Z-Nylon) are simply not compatible with the given support type (Z-SUPPORT Premium). This is why the differences you listed occur.

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It appears to me that ABS with Z-Support works positively. I don’t understand what the path that the filament makes to break has to do with it.
It would be enough to formulate the material in such a way that it is optimal for both printers (a thread that breaks means that the filament is not formulated correctly).
As for the ABS, I don’t see why it can’t go with the ZSupport (I personally printed Z-ABS with Z-Support in external mode without any problems.)
There is only to push a little more on research and development, entrusting the tests perhaps to experienced users to speed up the profiling of materials.