Inventure nylon problems

Hi ,
I have an inventure and it is a great printer .
but when I print with nylon the bed melts/gets grooves in the surface with renders it useless .
if I set the distance in the slicer to far away it doesn’t stick to the bed, and if I set it closer it melts the bed(it digs into the platform even with standard settings)

things I tried:
-using build surface plus
-new nozzle
-new hottend assembly
-software update

all advice will help .

kind regards
Louis Drappier

Hello Louis,

Could you show me photos of the filament and prints?

Please note that Z-NYLON is demanding filament and needs to be stored in proper conditions or it will gather humidity.

Below you can find useful tips for this material.

Best Regards

Hi pawel

I don’t have access to the printer now, but the filament is stored in a drybox and the prints are very good and the raft is the same thickness as my z-ultrat and PLA,.

I will reply the photos over the weekend.

Kind regards
Louis Drappier