Inventure some info :)

so that may sound like click bait, but it's not meant to be. I just been messing around in 1.5.0 and using the inventure as a printer.... my findings are...

  • no options for changing support level, i.e. full support all the time
  • no advanced options, so no options for fans etc [I guess cos there is always support]
  • no 90 micron layer height

so fascinating all this is, the inventure is definitely not looking like a replacement for the m200 at this stage [for me at least!]

All the best lovely people, I look forward to your thoughts...


Screenshot 2016-03-20 22.25.42.png


M200 seems more “opened” than ever now compared to the Inventure :smiley:

So I think it means support material cartridge is mandatory for each print. Having the option to use the legacy support mode, e.g. using z-ultrat could have been a nice addition.



The printer is not out yet so the software could be incomplete, I would not read into this at all right now.

Does Stratasys still own the patent on heated build chamber? I remember hearing that is was going to be done soon but I am not aware of it still being valid or not.