Inventure 'staircase' layer shift issue at 45 degrees

Hi everyone

I’ve had an Inventure since last summer and it was working well. I got it to use Semiflex which was working very well. Inmy business we have two other Zortrax m200 machines so we are familiar with them. Unfortunately the Inventure had to go back for repairs as it completely stopped working - motherboard apparently. When it returned I got one good print out of it plus a test cube (see top right of photo, below) and then this:


Basically extreme shifting of layers in a 45 degree pattern ie equal displacements in X and Y which to my mind suggested a belt issue. I can’t find anything on Zortrax site about this or belt adjustments but explored it in the machine and can’t seem to cure it. It does look very systematic and so I thought must be a simple tightening of a component etc

Help would be appreciated

Thanks, Neil

Sorry here’s the pic again not sure why it’s not showing up in earlier post - these are all supposed to be 1cm cubes!

Hi Neil,
I had the same problem with my Inventure. Pls take a test, if the printer is switched off, open the top cover and pull the head to the front. If it likes to move left in addition it seems the right stepper motor to be strangely moving. Likes it move to the oposite direction it could be the left one. I got a spare part and changed it. It’s ok now.
Best wishes

Thanks Uwe
sorry only just checked back to forum but it was exactly as you said and a new stepper motor fixed it. Thanks, Neil