Inversion X motor


My company buy 2 M200+ to produce pieces. Two days ago, one printer just stop during the print without any error message. The issue is when i launched the print, the extruder wich move to the endstop to initalise his position, went in the opposite direction in the X axe. Instead of move in the left, it go on the right slowlly.

I thank that the motor or the motherboard was overheated but after one day turn off and reset of the printer, the issue continue.

Is someone already have this problem ?

try a motor swap and you’ll see if is the motor or motherboard

I think this the mother board but I should i swap the motor ? in the cable connexion ? I can’t turn in the Z axes the motor !

img-2010_B2JDyFbF (1)-min

disassemble both x/y motor and install them swapped
if is the motor you will get problem on Y axe
if is still X, you may have motherboard or cable problem

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To conclued the test, this must be the motherboard ! The issue is the same axes