Is the LCD down?

Hi, i have 2 questions that i want answered. Thank you.

Question 1
I wonder if the LCD screen needs to be repalced?
P1 defective print
P2 screen lighting test
P3 total printing time

Question 2
My inksprie was purchased in February of this year and has been working well until this problem occurred today. After I communicated with my dealer, they said that because I used third-party resin (ESUN), the screen would not be guaranteed. To tell you the truth, this answer is unacceptable to me, as it is clear that inkspire supports third-party resin. And there was no warning about the loss of screen warranty due to the use of third-party resin (nor did my dealer give me a pre-sale warning).

In conclusion, does my dealer’s reason for not providing the screen warranty comply with the official warranty regulations on inkspire? If the official resin is used only, how many hours is the average service life of a single LCD screen?

Hi, @LionYing.
At first, did you check the FEP film for any damage before printing? Did you clean the resin tank and make sure that there aren’t any residues from previous prints?
You are right, Inkspire comes with an open resin system. We apporach every case individually, and as we haven’t had many cases with LCD screens, we do not have information regarding average lifespan at the moment. It’s best if you provide us with more details and photos via support form.

Hi, Marta :frowning:

First of all, FEP FILM was certainly not damaged, because it was the last FILM that had just been replaced with inkspire. The resin tank will be cleaned at the same time when the FEP Film is replaced:
Step A is cleaned with ultrasonic cleaning machine,
Step B is wiped with acetone,
and Step C is wiped with alcohol finally.
So from this point of view, there should be no print residue.

I’m not sure if you noticed the circular shadows (bad points?) on the screen in P2 (light test). Is the shape of the printed part consistent with that of P1? I speculate that the LCD screen is broken through this point.

I am in Shanghai, China and not in Guangzhou (the location of the Zortrax Chinese agent). The time cost of sending the repair and test is relatively high for me.

And then the problem with using third party resin is not true is it? If I need to get the screen warranty, what photos or data should I provide to you?

If we can’t figure out what the problem is, I need to buy a new LCD screen right now to restore inkspire. Although it can be frustrating. But what bothers me is that my costs are getting out of hand because I don’t know when or under what circumstances the LCD screen will break again. By the way, we are a small 3D printing studio, and inkspire was the main light curing device used before.

Thank you for the reply.
What I mean is after each print, the user should make sure that there aren’t any residues left inside the resin tank on the FEP film (not just during FEP replacement).
It is recommended to filter resin and examine the FEP film after every single printing process to avoid LCD screen damage.
Using third party resin is allowed, of course, and it shouldn’t cause damage by itself.
If you’re sure that you haven’t printed models that could leave such marks on the screen, complete a support form (we need Serial Number and proof of purchase).

Hi, Marta

I have ordered a new LCD screen set today, the dealer still insist on because I use the third party resin, so refused to provide me with the LCD screen quality assurance , of course I’m not sure whether the result is Zortrax to give their reply. I have a work plan to continue, so I don’t have time to continue to spend on this problem. What’s funny is that I always insist on using the original FEP Film. The 20 pieces of FEP I ordered were delivered the day after I found something wrong with the LCD screen, that is, yesterday.

But anyway, thanks for your reply.
Have a good day.

Hey there!

I still recommend that you contact us via support form. We will be able to send you an LCD screen then - you can save it as a spare part.

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