Issue on typing ip address


I can no longer type in ip address of my M200+ in the menu “My Device” / “New” / “Add Manually”. For some reasons I cannot type in number 3 or 4 in the ip address field ??? :thinking:

Before you ask : Yes my keyboard is working fine with another tool like notepad for instance. See attached screenshot - Z-Suite version is ( strangely no 3 or 4 :rofl:)

Are you French/Belgium and using AZERTY keyboard? In this countries you have to press SHIFT+3 to enter 3 yes? Does numbers 1-9 on the right side of keyboard (after arrows) works good?

Hello Raximus,

I am taken :slight_smile: yes I am french and my keyboard is AZERTY. So I have to press “shift” to type a 3 like all other numbers by the way :smile:
You are also right telling the right keypad is working well. So as it is a good workaround no rush to fix this issue, it’s just annoying.

Thanks for your help, cheers