Issues with resin print stability and quality on Inkspire 2

I’ve bought Inkspire 2 on the premise that it’s not the fastest, nor the largest resin printer, but I’ve hoped it will be as stable as M300 and M300Plus were.
Unfortunately, it’s not.
Especially compared to my old Prusa SL1S.
I know that Prusa is much cheaper and smaller, but I’ve tried printing Loctite 410 on both of them, and Inkspire 2 was dissapointing both in speed and quality.
To make things even more worrying - none of the resins I’m easily printing on my SL1S - namely Phrozen ABS like, Phrozen 8k and Ameralabs AMD-3 are NOT WORKING on Inkspire2.
I’ve made some successful prints with RG1100 and some other (even external) resins, but simple resins and simple prints (silly cats to put on your desk) are failing.

I’m at a loss, because there is no resin calibration (it was present in the old Inkspire, but it’s nowhere to be found in the new one).
The machine is also very slow, despite having powerful UV source (10mw/sq cm compared to 2.2-3mW on Prusa!).

I’m accepting that I can do something wrong (despite having over 7 years of experience with numerous resin printers, both industrial, desktop prosumer, medical and hobby level).

Is there any way I can mitigate those issues?
I’d love to make my Inkspire 2 work as intended.

Hello Wojciech,

we are sorry to hear you are not satisfied with the Inkspire 2. Could you please contact is via support form? Please provide some .stl/.zcodex2 files you are having problems with, as well as photos of prints you are not satisfied with. Our support department will then be able to pass your inquiry and feedback directly to R&D specialists.

Thank you.

Best regards