I printed this Jack-O-lantern from Thingiverse and it came out really nice! I increased the size by 50% because it looked a little too small at the original size. I used .19mm layers, normal speed, light infill, 10deg support (no support used), and about 40% fan.


Looks good John!!!!

Nice one

I brought it to work and it got a lot of attention!  Some asked if I could print one for them so I'll be making a little money.   ^_^

Printed out one for my wife and she loved it.  Printed with no support and it came out terrific.

I got some LED tea lights to put inside to make it look even better at night!

I present to you the “zucca” of Halloween… :slight_smile: :smiley:

I printed one of these out and it came out great until I left it in the Acetone bath too long and got sort of ruined from touching it. Bummer


Thanks for the file!

That looks awesome! I recently upgraded my 3d printer and Ive been wanting to try something like this. I might make jack o lanterns for this years Halloween. If youre looking to upgrade your 3d printer, you should check this website.