Jobs have a shifting at the same height (z suite v 1.6.1)

since two days I have a series of printing fails.
This is a new experience.
The two pictures show different printing jobs that have a shifting at the same height.
The files where redeploy independently with z suite v 1.6.1.
In both prints with same position angles.
Z suite had some delays and refreshing errors while calculating the z code.
The axes are maintained periodically.
Any ideas?


Hi Michael,

My Zortrax M200 has printed about 1100 h now and I had  my first shifting last week, using 1.6.1. 

Did the axis maintenance, but got shifting again at the same height, and again 2 mm displacement.

Turned my part 90 degrees on the bed and got a good print.

The last week I have printed 24 parts, 74 h all together, but had shifting issue with only one of the parts.

Best regards

Hans Lagerström, Sweden.


ZCODE pls, I will try to print it on our printers ;) 


Here we go. Thanks for your attention.


I have the same problem! 


Using now.


I have printed it straight from your ZCODE, no problem (Shifting) at all:

I would recommend you performing [url=]full XY maintenance[/url]


Hi Marcin,

thank you so much for your support.

I did the axis maintenance again, but there were unfortunately no issues.

I reprinted the part with 180° rotation without any issues.

After that I printed an other part with z ultra. I printed this part before at least 5 times and had very good results with this part positioning.

The last print is a little disaster.

Warping, shifting and incomplete support.

Now I will try the 1.1.0 version, anyway I’m expecting deviation of the z axe.

Today I did a software downgrade to v1.1.0
I also will try the v0.9.6 next.
I'm very happy that my v4 hardware is absolut ok! There is no further need for maintenance.
Its all about the zsuite version.
The v1.6.1 deffently works very strange on my V4 M200.
This reprinting issues costs me about 3 days and one spool of z Ultra...
Attached some pictures.

Today I did a software downgrade to v1.0.1
I also will try the v0.9.6 next.

v1.0.1 or v1.1.0?



V1.1.0 prints slightly cleaner with z-ultra than with v0.0.9.6

For now I will stick with v1.1.0


Hi Polinizei,

Quite interesting.

Thank you for spending time to reveal this and also sharing it.

Best regards

Hans Lagerström 


Thanks too,

Have some trouble similar to your print, will try with te V1.1.0.

Which firmware do you used (V1.0.4)?



I use firmware v0.0.8


I use firmware v0.0.8

Why not the last one ? did you test the last one and roll back to v0.0.8?