Jumps back to main menu after extruder is heated

Hi all,

Am not sure if you guys face this problem, but I have been trying to print stl files converted to zcode that were downloaded from 3dhubs.com. Despite the conversion being a success, the printer seems to be unable to recognise those zcode files, and jumps back to the main menu after heating the extruder. I am not sure why, and that has vexed me a lot. 

If any of you have any ideas, kindly help me resolve this problem. Attached are the stl files that I used. (For some reason the zcode files were not allowed to be uploaded)

Kind regards.

Bonjour a tous,

Il m'arrive aussi d'avoir des retours au menu principal a la fin du préchauffage (au lieux du démarrage de l'impression) 

Mais je relance l'impression qui s’exécute sans problème.




Hello has all,

It also happens to me to have some returns to the main menu has the end of the préchauffage (to the places of the starting of the impression)

But I throw back the impression that executes itself without problem.