Jurassic Park multicolor logo

Hello! I want to show you my last print, it is the logo of Jurassic Park, first film of the saga. I created for one of my friend's birthday, and I'm quite proud because I arranged the model myself in 3DMax by setting different heights to allow the filament change. Layer height is not the best but took me 5 hours to print! I like the result, haven't really seen many multicolored prints with more than 2 colors, I would like to see more designs like this.

You can download the model form Trinpy: https://www.trinpy.com/models/jurassic-park-logo/



Looks awesome!



If you would like to see some of mine.

there are a few here that are single prints with multi color changes.


Have a couple of questions on this process.  I've never done a pause (mostly because I have a print shop thats a half hour away from my house) to switch fillament to create a multicolor print.  Is this how this is done?  If so what do you do about all the random fillament that is spewed out.  Don't you have to do a switch fillament command etc.  I'm not sure how this is done in the middle of a print.

Alas, why not just print out separate parts and glue together as I've done?  Last question, has anyone Acetoned bathed a multicolor print?  Does the blending work better than indivvidual parts that are glued toggether post prints?

As for the last question, I haven't tried acetone smoothing on a multicolour print yet. About the process for the multi colou print, you have 2 options: either program pauses in advance in Z-Suite, right after slicing the model, or if you don't really need something accurate you can pause the print while it is being printed, just keep pressing the only button of the printer until the extruder stops and moves to one of the forward corners. Then a menu pops out on the screen and you can select many options, one of them is change filament. Follow the instructions and resume print. That is all!