Just a warning - 3D Systems Cubify Sense 3D USB "capture" Device

Hi Guys,

just a warning - if ANY of you considers buying the 3D Systems/ Cubify Sense - forget it. It is not worth a dime.

  1. Software 1.0 - total piece of SH*T - breaks down all the time. Stops showing Camera Image… Looses tracking with the object frequently and is very hard to get “back” on track

  2. Support is “not there” - no forum - so nowhere to voice issues

I have higher hopes for the Occipital sensor for iPad - on videos it seems like it is much better - even with the lower processing power of iPads.

But if you consider the Cubify Sense - just forget it. Wait for something better.

Thanks for the warning. I actually had my eye on it.

I don’t anymore. :wink:

Yes! Structure sensor! Pre-ordered mine.

I’m on the Kickstarter Beta for the Occipital sensor - I’ll let you know if that is better. I should have that within a couple of weeks. They deliver their PC software with it as well (Skanect Pro - http://skanect.manctl.com/ ) - which also works with a range of Kinect sensors.

Apart from the above mentioned issues - I paid Cubify for shipping to the UAE - only to get parcel here with additional $120 in COD shipping cost (+Customs Duty - which I was aware of) - that took a full 20 days to get sorted out before I got my Cubify Sense. Their “support” kept telling me they had sorted it - but DHL said no contact was registered from DHL’s side.

I am hoping that Skanect Pro will support the Cubify Sense at some point - then it would at least become usable - as Cubify has made an OEM agreement for the iPad sensor with Occipital. The Cubify Sense has nothing to do with Occipital - only the iPad model.

Thank you, Kaz!

I am anxious waiting for this sensor (and for, obviously, the Zortrax)

I’m using Strata 3D to capture a model for some of my pieces. Not really 3D prints, this will be my first printer, but CNC cutted ones. This one was made with a little plastiline model that was captured using Strata 3D and then had the mesh edited for production.