Just pressed the buy button on my first 3d Printer: M200!

Very excited to say I just purchased a new M200 from Dream 3D in the UK, they even threw in a free spool of Z-ABS :) My First 3D printer, have been wanting one since the first few Kickstarter projects.

I was initially going to purchase a Makergewar M2 direct from the USA, and its open-source moddable potential appealed to me a lot. However as I was thinking about it and gathering information I was banned from their forums for asking for a comparison to a different printer I was looking at, they took a guess that I was affiliated with the other printer and trying to advertise. They offered no explanation until I contacted their support team direct. This threw me off and completely undermined my confidence in the purchase I was about to make. This sent me off searching for other options and I landed on the M200. Its almost at the other end of the spectrum, being closed source and officially un-modable, and I would be giving up the options to use a dual extruder down the line. However the print quality I kept seeing, the community here, the reasonably price filiment and its availability from a local UK suppler won me over and speaking to Dream 3D sealed the deal.

Anyway, I imagine I shall be hanging around these parts a bit more now, so hello!


Welcome to the community! You’ll love the print quality. Don’t be discouraged by the initial learning curve. We are here to help.

You have been around here a while, it is always good to have another join the ranks. As you know not all machines are perfect and sometimes you will have to do troubleshooting, Zortrax support is a great tool to have in your pocket and the forums is filled with a mostly harmless crew who can get you through some of the more complex issues quickly. Good luck with your printing and show us what you can do.

we dont want you here, go somewhere else...

as you have imagined i'm (trying to be) the funny guy here...

welcome :)

Thank for the welcome!

Happy to attack a learning curve, although from what I read the M200 is one of the easiest printers to get to grips with!

Ordered 4 rolls of Z-ABS, one Z-ULTRAT and one Z-GLASS and the side panels with the printer. Should be enough to start experimenting with!

Dylan, welcome on the forum :) If you'll need any help just let me know, and I recommend to read the information on the Support Center: http://support.zortrax.com

Best Regards,


Thanks Igor!