kiss-cutt test (stacking multiple objects)

I was printing the 31 elements of my 3d printed armature one by one, (had some warping problems covering the bed with 2) but since each one off them took about an hour to print and not being around my printer constant it took me a week or so to print them.

So I decided to stack  the elements and apply a kiss-cut line between them.   I had to experiment a little with the distances and surface/height off the 'custom raft' to get the stack not break apart during printing by warping forces but after a few tests I succeeded!

while printing they stick together well and afterwards it's just sticking a knife between them and break them apart.

So now in three nights, while asleep I finished all 31 :-). Thank you Zortrax! I wasn't able to get this working on another printer before.


very nice

Bert - you sure come up with interesting solutions to 3D printing problems.  Are any of your projects on Thingiverse?



super !!

Bonjour, quel distance avez vous utilisé entre chaque éléments?

Hi Marc

the size of a little block is 1.7 x 0.5 x 0.6 mm (lenght widt height) on the top size and 1.7 x0.5 x 0.45 mm on the bottom

(had to make the holes on the topside a little more heigh because they stuck too much)

the little blocks on the inner ribs are 1x0,5x0,6 mm and they come off very easy.


Merci pour votre réponse,

cela a du vous prendre du temps et beaucoup d'essais avant d'obtenir un résultat correcte.

et encore bravo !!

I haven't done this yet on the Zortrax, but on other printers I've had good success stacking parts using 0.5mm spacing. Optimum gap probably depends on the layer height used in slicing.

I have done the same, but with a single 0,5 mm link. The  z suite made everything else

Great solution, Bert, and wonderful output!