La Palette

Hi there!!

are you familiar with stuff like this:


it's in polish but the video is in english.

IMO it's nice way 4 havin 4colors prints without switching the reels.

I'm asking you cause i'm only theoretical 3Dprintman so far:-)




Quoted from their Kicktarter project site:

If your printer runs off of .gcode or .x3g then it will be compatible with our software...

 Zortrax runs off of .zcode, so not compatible.

Got it. Pity a bit. Waiting for La Palette from Zortrax :-)

Yeah they changed their description on the kickstarter. I asked them about Zortrax before and they said no even though they originally had it listed. They didnt do their homework and didnt know Zortrax ran off Zcode. 

thx for info. I cant wait for my M200 (I'm in the middle of my budget ):-) As far as saw your rose <>I realized that 3D printing is an art as well.