Large build objects problems

I am trying to print some large molding object that are almoast 200mmx200mm large, i need to print it with strong material and i try ABS but the object is wraping too much, i also try to print with Z-ASA, the wraping in not such problem i motice some splits between layers. Should i try it with Z-ULTRAT?

Hi, @ribicd.

Have you seen our manual on how to avoid warping?
It is important to keep the printer in a room with stable, high ambient temperature, especially when printing large models with materials such as Z-ABS or Z-ASA Pro. Z-ULTRAT also requires stable printing conditions.

Hi, Marta
I am printing with Zabs almost for a year, but not so large objects, i have an enclousure on my m200 and stable temperature around 30 degres. Today i get Z ultrat but am very disapinted of it quality.

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In the picture you can see the setings i am using, should i go with more infill then 30% to prowide spliting, what is better higer layer like 0.29 or 0.19mm?

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Thank you for the information.

If you’re worried about quality or notice any tangles on the spool, give us a shout via support form.

Regarding your settings, I would try decreasing infill to 10-20% and choosing 0.29 layer - printing process will be quicker, model will cool down slower and it will be less likely to warp or have splits.