Large Connector Issue (Error #031)


I am hoping someone can help with my issue. I’ve had two printers in a closet for quite a while now. I decided to get them up and running.

One of them works without any issues at the moment. The other throws an error. Please take a look at the uploaded image.

The firmware error code states that this is related to the “Large Connector” cable.

I have unplugged the head bed cable and reconnected it. Same issue persisted. I even took the heat bed plate off the working printer and added to the non functioning printer. After rebooting I would get the same error. This let me to believe the issue is not related to the head bed.

I plan to take apart the working printer so that I can use the heatbed cable. I have not done this yet as it will be more time consuming and I am also nervous about breaking the only working printer.


indeed, this error can be caused by the heatbed, heatbed cable or, as a last resort, by the motherboard. Did you examine the heatbed cable connectors? There might be some visible damage, please also inspect the pins. If you do not want to swap the heatbed cable in order not to damage the working unit - please also examine the motherboard (both sides), one of the components might be burnt. You can send the photos via support form so we can consult with our technicians.

Best regards