Last two firmware updates may effect of some of the parameters of the Z-SUITE 2


Dear all,

in one of the last two firmware updates for the M300 Plus, some of the parameters of the Z-SUITE 2 seem to have been changed in interpretation by the firmware.

At first, I had to realize that the connection between the raft and the print part has become much firmer and could only be separated with a chisel. The “First Layer Gap” parameter was used unchanged on its default value. In addition, the side wall of the print part detached from the infill. Again, the “Contur Infill Gap” parameter was on its default value.

I adjusted the parameters to perform the prints as expected. However, it would be nice if this could also be achieved with the default values.

Currently I am using the current beta version on Windows. Printing materials were Z-HIPS and Z-Ultrat.


Karlheinz Stöber