Latest Firmware 2.1.2 M300 Dual Problems

Just updated the firmware on my M300 Dual, Ethernet settings gone, Wifi On (Can’t use it, can’t switch it off either) no way I can get the Ethernet to work, printer shows red-display, tells me that the network plugged in, not connected, but only minutes before the update I finished printing… The M200 on the same cable works fine. M300 basically not available for us right now. The new Z-Suite also did not solve the camera issue on the M300, neither new materials seems to be supported, come on guys…


Hi Erik,

We received your support form, one of our support agents will reply to it shortly.

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I have exactly the same problem.

Hi Centrac,

Please, contact us via support form and provide us with more information. Videos and pictures would be appreciated as well.