Layer fan holder broken

Hi all. Due a blockage of head extruder the layer fan holder has broken. It 's also the calibration sensor support. It´s a 3d printed item but I can´t find either new either a STL file to print a new one. Where can I find that piece? Thanks a lot.

Nothing? Must the printer go to trash because I can’t find that piece?

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Could you send me a photo of the broken piece?

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The grey piece. This image was downloaded from this forum

Thank you for the photo please find below:
Fanshroud-M300Dual.STL (597.4 KB)

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@KarolinaZortrax Could you please add the file to the library?

I needed it as well, thank you @Pawel_Zortrax

By the way, could someone provide a photo or schematic of how the fan should be placed (and screwed in) in this fan shroud? I kind of can’t fit it…

Hello @Tommar,

I will pass your suggestion to the responsible department.

Please have a look at this manual. I hope it helps.

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I forgot to edit the post. I handled it in the morning, just pressing it under the small ledge works fine. Thanks.