Layer issue

I haven't printed anything in a couple months, and when I was it was constantly and small (10mm high prints), but I went to print a cup holder today with a new roll of Z-abs black and I was astonished at the results so I calibrated the M200, I changed the Hot End I updated the firmware and even tried it by reverting the firmware and still get layer issues.

The spool moves freely.

The heater couplers are tight

The fans are working

I am thinking its the cable but I am also testing white Z-abs right now. (Material isn't the issue as it happens with white)

The Zcode is one that worked perfectly in the past.

The raft prints perfectly and then when it gets to the sides it offsets and the adhesion is lousy.

Any ideas? Otherwise I will have to spend a bunch of time replacing the cable...UGH!! 

5:15 Est-Trying a new SD card as I did a different print and had the same crappy results. IMG_1336.JPG


Printer off for months then start printing. Did you check the rails? could you have missed lubrication timing.

Printer off for months then start printing. Did you check the rails? could you have missed lubrication timing.

Nope. I lubricated it last week when I printed out a test keychain. Which came out good, but first time I printed anything over 10mm and its all messed up. 

Beautiful raft and first couple layers, then it starts printing offset and messed up. :(


I think I have fixed it.  This current print is looking real good so far.

I put a new cable in, as well as put in a fresh Hot End and wiped off the lubrication I did last week and re-lubricated the bars.

It happened with two diff Hot Ends so I am guessing it had to do with the cable. Go figure! lol

Well now the machine had a good goin over so it should be good for a while again. ha!

The print looks better but still offset. I'll post a pic when its done. Now I am thinking a temp issue.

The calibration I did earlier was the quickest calibration ever. After tightening the levers, it only had me raise the one side about a half turn and a turn and a quarter on the front. I thought that was odd. Also after it was finished I started a print when the Hot End was in the missile of the bed and it started like normal but then treated the center of the bed as the stop point and tried to start printing in the back of the bed and made noise cause it couldn't go any further. Very Odd, as that has never happened. 

I wonder if it has something to do with the firmware update....I reverted back to 1.0 and then .07 but I don't think it ever really reverts.  :(

Ok, lol, I found the one rear right stepper motor was letting it travel a tad bit. I unhooked it, cleaned it and tighten the cog wheel on it. 

Now for a test...again. hahah

I'm pretty darn sure thats it. I tested all the codes earlier but apparently I even pulled on the hot end to see if it travelled but didnt pull from the center rods where it did travel. Amazing how a small oversight can send a person into a long goose chase. 

Well, I never said i was an engineer. hahaha