Layer separation


Hi there
I have had this issue in the past with layers which do not adhere properly (layers separating).
The print starts of with the raft printing correctly until the last 2-3 layers, the layers seem to be extruded with a larger than necessary gap on the Z axis resulting in failed prints

I have 5 Zortax M300 printers and 7 zortax M200 printers which all work perfectly and have been for the past 2 years

I have also had this issue in the past with the M200 (photos bellow)

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Please if you could give me any tips on why this would be happening and how to resolve it.
Thank you


Hi Maciek,

As for M300 - it seems the distance between the raft and first layer of the model is too high. Then, new layers have nothing to adhere to. Please, start with decreasing the first layer gap in Z-SUITE - you may start with reducing it (by already chosen layer thickness). Check several different settings to see if there is any improvement. Does this happen with all models and materials?

The M200 issue looks a bit different. Do you remember what helped you to resolve the issue? I believe you needed to replace the heater&thermocouple, extruder cable or hotend.

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I use the same files for my other M300 printers and they print fine, its just that specific printer that gives me the error.
As for the m200 it was a while ago and im not sure what part was replaced.
What else could be the issue with the M300 ?
Thank you for your support