Layer shift M200 Plus

I am facing with strange layer shift/lines. I had longer, biger print but it also happens with smaller. It seems, that it appears at change of geometry. So if printer goes from square to bigger square (with supports) is at change of geometriy visible line. Last print was even more strange because line is only visible inside, let’s call it, housing and not on outside. So i guess there is software problem?
Please see shared photos
Thank you for ideas.

Check this:

And I suggest to check the belt tension.

Thank you for answer.
I will check the belt tension, but it is not logical to me that happened only “inside” of housing.


You will find a detailed manual concerning layer shifting on our support center.

Still, I see the model warped - I am wondering if this has not affacted the shifting later on. Please, refer to the manual. I would recommend performing the axes maintenance (lubricate the rods, check belts etc.) and run another test print - but please refer to the second manual to make sure the model will not warp this time. Once the print is done - take some pictures. However, I assume that the basic maintenance should resolve the issue.

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