Layers display

Ok. I have never done a really large print and was going to embark on a few but I noticed the infill is not showing up in Zsuite on my large object. I tried a small object and it showed up so I am curious if it is just a limitation or an error. 

For the amount of filament being used I would've guessed that it was solid but dont want to take any chances.

Thanks. I feel I'm just having a blonde moment. haha


On my Mac in Z-Suite i've never seen infill the same siuation is on my Windows PC

The infill never shows up. That’s on purpose to avoid display issues. I’m surprised you see it in the small object. Could you show a screenshot of that?

BTW… I would not recommend to print that with regular ABS. It will warp. That’s an object for HIPS!

Thanks. I never really noticed before. I am printing a bracket now and the infill is like the large object. But my Keychain that is waiting PC had infill. Maybe it was just small enough that it looked like infill but was actually ribbed support. I would post a pic but I have kept the design under wraps for years now until I roll them into market. lol

Heres a small screenshot of the print half way through. Untitled.jpg Must just be the size of it. Appreciate the insight and mentality check. lol


The suite shows the small zigzag infills between wall layers and such but it does not show the crosshatch type infill (for which you can choose the density in the print menu)