Layers shifting

Printing a 3 days box model a layer shifted about 0.8mm. The strange thing is that the layer shifted back to initial position (-0.8mm) afterwards a supply recovery.
M300 dual Firmware 2.4.2, Z-suite Beta 2.16.0
Has this happened to anyone before? Any suggestion on how to prevent?


Could you send us a file for checking? Also, did the issue occur with this particular model only, or are you experiencing regular layer shifting now? Please, provide more information or contact us directly via support form.

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Hi Karolina,
it happened once. After that I printed again using the Z-Suite 2.15.1 version and it went right. Follows the .zprojx file link:

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Hi Luca,

Thank you for the update. I am glad to hear the problem has not occurred again after switching to Z-SUITE 2.15.1.

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Just to bring this topic to top…


Have had this M300 Dual for 1 year now and I have still not been able to print something that is even close to be useful. Only a few smaller parts in the beginning have been somewhat succesful. We have now spent quite a lot on buying materials really just to throw in the bin again and a lot of wasted time on printing, cleaning maintenance and frustrations to follow.
This is really not what we would expect from a industrial standard printer I am sorry to say.

We mostly use Z-PETG with Z-Premium support and Z-ULTRAT with BASF Ultrafuse BVOH
We are experiencing layer shifting 95% of the time we print both in x and y axis and a few times on the Z-axis.

On larger prints we almost always have bumps or holes on the rafts / support and they are transferred through to the final print. Maybe these bumps can cause the layer shifting?
Usually the layer shifting causes the print to mess up at some point so it never finishes.

M300 Dual FW 2.5.6 + Z-SUITE Beta
printing hours 450.
Using recommended default settings
Fully maintained also with axis alignment etc. so we are running out of ideas and patience. We are talking about returning this product since it is highly unreliable and basically not working.

PETG + premium support was used here for this print but material is indifferent, it does it regardless.

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Please advise.
Thank you

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Hi @Lars,

I am terribly sorry to hear about the issues you are facing. However, I believe you have not contacted our support department directly yet Thus, please fill in the support form, provide some pictures of failed prints, videos showing how the extruder moves along the axes etc., so we can assist you until the case is resolved. If necessary - we will collect the printer to our facility to check everything thoroughly and ensure the device is fully operational before sending it back to you.

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Hi Karolina,

Thank you for getting back to me. I did actually fill out a support form same evening however when submitting the form, I didn’t get an email notification only a splash screen saying thank you for submitting?
Maybe you are able to find it? If not let me know and I will submit another.

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Hi Lars,

I checked the system yesterday before replying to your message. Actually, I only found one ticket from the chat, to which we did respond. This was a question concerning filaments. Thus, your support form definitely did not reach us, we are sorry for that. Please, fill in the support form again, and we will definitely respond to it as soon as we receive it. Thank you for your understanding.

OK I will do that :slight_smile: I also suspected something went wrong as I didn’t receive any email confirmation.