Le remplissage n'accroche pas aux parois

On a mechanical part that had to withstand the impact of a drop of one meter high, we chose to print it in HIPS with a 0.6mm nozzle with a 40% honeycomb filling.
Unfortunately, the filling does not come into contact with the walls, whereas usually the filling covers the walls by about 15%.
As a result, from the first fall, the energy of the shock did not dissipate in the filling and therefore broke the wall.
Is it possible to correct Z-Suite so that it refills the filling when using a nozzle diameter 0.6mm?

Thanks in advance.



Je crois qu’il serait utile aussi de traduire votre question en anglais.

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Bonne remarque.
Merci :wink:

Hi, Johann.
Could you upload some pictures of the model? I need to see how the infill doesn’t come into contact with the walls. You can also send the .zcode and .stl files.